Aaaj Ka Indien™

Why Aaaj Ka Indien ? and why it is required to launch on YouTube? Even this was a very big question for me during it launch and/before its launch ‘the Aaaj Ka Indien’. Many of the YouTube blogs/vlog and channels are there but many of them are not all about of Aaaj Ka Indien.

Even me has no big scope or even i had not decided a big scope with this online video channel on YouTube but I always had word for me with new experiment and that word is “Let’s See, What Happens”. So this vlog (video blog) launched on YouTube with less expectation and minimum involvement (in terms of time and cost).

So what’s the plan….. definitely, it will have something interesting and energies.

So, who will be a subscriber and what they will get? … you and me are first subscriber of this channel and every new reader, bloggers, and technology lovers will be a part of this video blog.

Who will get benefits directly? … I must say that every new subscriber will get something interesting. They will learn carrier, growth and most important they will have industry knowledge of each sector. They can establish there agricultural farm or start their new business with less investment.

Can I join your channel?…. yes, most welcome.

What can i do with your channel?.. You will learn grow and earn.

Wow.. what happens the next and how can i grow and earn?… yes, it is really a big question for every new earning person. we will share revenue of your effort and growth. You will be earning whenever you will be churning.

What do you mean by Churning? are you making a joke? ….. oh no! this is really not true. Your churning means, showing visual presence on the video screen and all of your activities helps to gain followers, readers and subscribers. and means, you churn and earn.

Where is a form to join?… very simple just drop and email or contact us via our contact page. we will contact you. and you will be then connected to the people and world.
Just a regard and give us a regard.