Developers will pay the cost of audit of 5 Gurugram Highrise

The structural stability and construction quality of five projects – M3M Woodshire in Sector 107, Raheja Vedanta in Sector 108, Atharva in Sector 109, Brisk Lumbini in Sector 109 and Mahindra Aura in Sector 110A – will be checked.

The order issued by DTCP director KM Pandurang said that these highrises will be audited by an expert team from IIT-Roorkee, similar to what IIT-Delhi is doing at Chintel Paradiso, where the living rooms of five flats in Tower D range from VI to The second floor had collapsed vertically. on 10 February.
“Based on the gravity of the issue for safety of lives of people due to poor quality of construction and several complaints filed by residents of these five projects, the department has decided to conduct the audit. Check the strength of these heights,” said Pandurang.
The audit team, the order said, will also identify issues related to the stability of the structures and the quality of construction materials used.
“The team will also suggest measures to rectify the defects. The cost of the audit will be borne by the developers,” it added.
District town planner (enforcement) RS Bath said the department will also submit a report after examining complaints filed by residents who have found defects in the construction of the highrise as per the order of the DTCP director. “Our team will examine around 60 projects, mostly in new areas, in the presence of residents and developers. A report on the findings will be sent to the headquarters within 30-45 days,” he said.
Bath also said that the department had asked the director on Wednesday to seek his approval for the audit after receiving several complaints through field offices alleging structural defects in several highrise societies.
The Residents Welfare Association (RWA) in M3M Woodshire is seeking to fix water leaks in basements, damage to walls and columns, and corrosion of steel reinforcements.
The families living in Raheja Vedant and Atharva have also filed several complaints regarding the poor quality of construction. They have also alleged leakages in the basement and cracks in the pillars and walls.
Similarly, residents of Brisk Lumbini have complained of pieces of plaster falling from balconies, cracks in pillars and seepage into basements.
In Mahindra Aura, there have been reported cases of pieces of plaster falling from balconies besides seepage into shaft areas and waterlogging in basements.

Our ITMM spoke to Mr. Rajnarayan Sahi, who is the builder side representative at Raheja Vedanta. The repair work is going-on under his supervision. He said that the builder has given a budget of about one crore. For repair work in Vedanta Sec 108. Within the time limit of 90 days, he must submit the final work report. Mr Sahi said the new RWA members of Vedanta are allies and there is no inconvenience in this.