Indian Desi Dog Breed: Can we make a pet or not

Indian dog breed is really a very lovely pet animals and can be a good pet for home. Dog lovers must consider these dogs nature and its phsycology. This desi dog can leave anywhere in Indian atomosphire and servive better than other foreign breed.🐕

According to new rules contains certain guidelines in the circular issued by the Animal Walfare Board of India (AWBI) in 2015 for Pets and street dogs.

The Pet Owner must needs to follow guidelines and take care of their pets.

However, It is legal to have a Indian dog breed as a pet at home or keep it as a pet forever.

Compare to other dog breeds it is more economical and hassel free. Regular maintaince cost and health care cost is very much economical.

🐶 Traing and behaviroal lession makes life easier for pet owner and pets both. This local desi breed has very good understanding of body language. Geneticaly they are very trained and understand all body movment.

Language is also a not barrier for this breed, even in India has 100s of main and local langaue and they are fit everywhere and give reaction well.

We noticed that many foreigner who are staying India, they love to make pets this desi breed.

Food and Care is very much important for every pets. many of desi breed has good skin color, long hairs and silky body; which can be maintained with healthy foods and care. These dog food test is so likely as human. It’s depend how are you devloping food test of your pets.

Never give banned food to your pets. It can harm the health and keep your in trouble. Just igone bad meal foods. Regular foods can also be good if you can not buy food from market.

Vactination and regular checkup lets make you happy and your neighbours, dog bite will make you scared and your neighbours.