Indischen® Brand. German Name, Made in India!

Indischen® is well known brand now in India. Selling personal care, health care, oral care, organic and ayurvedic lifestyle products in india through it’s various online ecommerce channels partners and direct to customers via it’s Android ecommerce and web apllications.

Avilability of Indischen® products are 100% for it’s customers. Indischen® India ( is planning to launch it’s seller programme by mid of year 2022. Though, small retailers, manufacturers and selling from home people enhance their slaes growth.

It’s products are already avilable for sale on big online ecommerce platform like,,,,,,

Products like Rudraksha, white Sandalwood, Red Sandalwood, Sandal Powder, Sandal Essential Oil, Sandal Aroma etc are lab certified and avilable for sale in it’s pure and original form.

Original and Organic Rudraksha are imported from verified suppliers and farmers directly to it’s lab and process for leak proof packaging for customers.

White Sandalwoods are collected from 40-60 years old tree and it has natural aroma which are well sealed pack for sale.

Packaging of its organic products are in air tight pack and fully sealed by it’s testing team. Indischen® Brand and Brand Networks are also working in financial and trading secotrs in europe and managed by it’s channels partners.

Indischen® personal care and oral care products are featured in which are India’s 1st Tongue Cleaner Online Article Magazine and Blog.

Quality of products and beautiful packaging of products makes client happy. Zero customer care policy never bothered to Indischen® cutomers. Origin of oral care products is India, and Name Indischen® is German Origin.

In upcomming years some oter products like watches, men’s bag, educational games and stationary products will be avilable on its online store. You can contact to it’s customer care for any business inquiry.