My first pets

I was in graduation; a first pet came to my home. He was a cute pup. It was a desi breed but was so cute. He was small size breed and since his childhood his cuteness was the same.

It was just an accident or if I say he came to home accidently. We had no plan to have a pet at home but we got him at home accidently. Me and my Maa (mother) was on a relative’s place home to meet them. and next day morning when we woke up a small cute puppy was at the door with his 2 other keen brothers. My Maa who was never a much friendly with pets and even she was not a pet lover. She just started loving and playing with that pup. and even that puppies were also. She just said “we will take him home”. ohh no! I spoke. I was never a pet friendly boy. I suddenly said “No! i don’t prefer” Even i laughed and said “Maa, either this dog will be at home or me” I give a choice to choose any one from both. “Maa laughed – “Said – this will go home” 🙂

Ohh.. I stressed. I was knowing it will be expensive. Because I was leaving a near city from my native place for study. I was completing my graduation and was staying in a independent hostel for study”. So i was only a person who was use to visit home regularly. I decided to take this work seriously and cleaning was my main concern.

Finally, this cute puppy came home and we give a very well-known and world-famous name of India 🙂 Sheru
So, I’ll call him Sheru here only. Sheru become a good boy was taking care of Maa so well. Sheru was cute and has good understanding. He was leaving in free environment and has no condition. But never miss a chance to see of my Maa and welcoming to Maa.

Doesn’t matter, after how many days Maa comes home back from my Nanani’s place or from a vacation. we find Sheru always there for welcoming.

It was still a question, how he got to know exact time of my Maa’s reaching home.

I rarely liking him and even I was not disliking him. But whenever I come home after my bi-weekly study break, I get a Pet Soap from him or something to eat. However, I was could not use to go dog shop for long because he usually love to stay with street dogs and to go outside so friquently and was spending more time with street dogs.

I am remembering sheru, as he was honest pet and his last day was very emotional for all of us. My never missed his presence as long as he was alive.