What are the objectives of Indien Website?

Purpose is to launch this Indien™ website, write our personal views and professional views. Even there are many other aspects (some hidden and some public) are included. I’ll also include many of political views and will write the right information to the people. Even I think as a CEO of Indien™ Website and More Author of this Indien™ website is to explain the right things to media and social media.
Of course, lots of other news and blog websites are there and floating over the network, though question arise about its use and accessibility. I am giving any challenges to there about this subject and I’m not even involved in any kind of competition or challenge. But I must say that, a throat-cut competition is always there and in any market.
This Indien™ website is itself a challenge and even fighting with its survival. No one know, how long it will be survived in this throat-cut competition but it will definitely work.
I definitely bring some useful information for you and our loving readers who will admire and appreciate us.
It will be approachable for everyone; it will bring a rising platform for everyone. It will definitely give attention to lower level of readers and high level of writers.
Look at our content and text, don’t you think that we are covering ground level news & information and publishing it in your favourite language!
We are touching many untouched subjects such as Dog-breeders law in India, Pets Care and Its impact in our local societies such as high-rise apartments and in small RWA. We also discuss with its importance and who really needs a dog or a pet at home. Who are eligible and why should they get a permission to have a pet at home?
Local people also have different challenges such as “Aawara Jaanwar at Road”. These are few exceptional topics which are rarely covered by other media group or channels.
We are also covering the local societies challenges which occurred by society management, RWA or builders. Even we are including the facts about local societies resident’s owner and tenants. Which are really not so fare or not even fairly exposed.
We are also developing programme to accept readers views and opinion so that we will include all those untouched topics for them.
Most of the local news will be published by our local correspondent or via local news source. We are also giving attention to our non-residents Indian who are basically belongs to very out area of Indian village or their native place is a remote village and Hindi speaking zone.
We highly appreciate your feedback and suggestion which are always very important to us. Kindly do let us know your opinion and views so that we can do better with our services.