What are the technologies involved with indien

Indien website is completely a blog news website launched for native Indien readers to give them right information about technology, society and cultural updates.

The readers and can take benefits of it’s virtual data for their business use, which are paid. Even they can share with others and utilize for social awareness.

We are using WP CMS and Cloudflare technologies to manage the content. We are storing the content and images in MySQL (Open-Source Relational Database Management System).
Latest technology of WP CMS (WordPress is a free and open-source content management system written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database.)

News and contents are taken from news agency provider or under the licence free content.
If we talk about technologies, it means we have enough skills in digital marketing, website development, social media, graphics design, search engine optimisation and content management.

We have enough capable team to write unique content on tech matter, and on social media.

We always are using latest technology trends to keep yourself up-to-date. We refer you to read our technology blog as well to learn new and latest tech review. It will help you you to plugin with your ecomnmerce and online business. Our tech support team are always available for suggestion and help you to grow together.