What is anti-spyware? The definition and the 5 main types


Summary: Antispyware is a type of software designed to detect and remove malicious or threatening programs on a computer. These programs are called spyware after their tendency to obtain and send personal information of an individual to a third party without their consent. Antispyware is available in various formats, and at many different prices.

  • What is spyware?
  • What types of antispyware are there?
  • How to remove spyware

What is spyware?

The  spyware  is a type of malicious program, also called  malware , which sends information from one computer to another party without the knowledge or consent of the user. The data retrieved by these programs can vary, but many collect information about a user’s internet habits, their online purchases, and even keystrokes, such as passwords. In addition, these programs can change the configuration and functionality of the computer. The antispyware tries to block or remove these programs.

What types of antispyware are there?

Antispyware works in two main ways. The first is the capture of the incoming spyware in real time. This system analyzes the computer transactions that come from the internet. When it detects potential spyware, it tries to block it before the malicious program has a chance to get into the root directory, or another area of ​​the computer. This real-time detection typically occurs at the time of download.

The second type of antispyware uses an updateable list of known spyware to protect your computer. Many users often download new versions of this registry to keep their software up to date. Instead of blocking the download of potentially harmful programs, this type of software detects and removes those that have already entered the computer.

Anti-spyware of this type typically scans the operating system’s registry, programs, and files. It then compares these files with the list of known malware. If a file matches one in the list, the antispyware isolates it and removes it.

How to remove spyware

Many software companies offer antispyware. These programs offer real-time malware detection, by update list, or by using a combination of both systems. Some of these programs are standalone, while  the best ones come bundled with an antivirus program.

Consumers looking for Mac or Windows antispyware should be aware that many of the programs advertised as protection software are, in fact, spyware. Therefore, users should be careful when downloading recommended software from the Internet.

Now you do know what antispyware is. It is important to install it now and protect yourself from malicious spyware programs .